Vision Board

Good day all!

I hope that the last week of reflection has given you lots of ideas to help you create your vision board!

If not, well here are some ideas to get you going:

1 – Are you happy about where you live? House, City, Country etc.

2 – What are your interpersonal relationships like? What would you prefer?

3 – What is your current fitness and health like? What could you do to improve them?

4 – How is your mind? is it as healthy as your body?

5 – Are you at peace with yourself and the choices you have made so far?

6 – What does your perfect job, career or day to day method of making an income look and feel like?

7 – What would you do for your nearest and dearest if you could do something for them?

8 – What is that deep, dark secret desire hiding in the corner of your mind, shrouded by doubt and fear? Is it really that unbelievable?

Get those minds going!

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