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Practice makes…

PERMANENT! It takes 66 – 90 days to make a behavioural change. So you have to practice the new behaviour daily to make it permanent! #EQ #beyondexcited #pinkpetro #JBcoco #Personaldevelopment

Warmth & Competence

These two words sum up how people should feel about you when they first meet you, if you want to gain their trust and respect. #JBcoco #personaldevelopment #beyondexcited #pinkpetro #BusinessWomenAustralia

Medicine, Maths & the Moon

If there were three words to sum up three conversations I have had recently, they would be Medicine, Maths and the Moon! I have had such interesting discussions with a teen who wants to be a doctor, an engineer who…

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Business Women Australia – BOOK LAUNCH

What an amazing opportunity for Women in Business to Promote themselves for eternity in BWA’s first book called ’16 Inspirational WA Women’. The Book is to be launched at the International Women’s Day 2016 Lunch ! #JBcoco #BWA #Beyondexcited #Perth

Inspirational Moment

As a Motivational Speaker and Personal Development coach, there is nothing more heart warming and satisfying than seeing a new understanding in a person’s eyes & their own moment of self enlightenment. #personaldevelopment #EQ #JBcoco #MotivationalMonday #YB12 #Personalgrowth #Beyondexcited

New Year’s Resolutions

Best wishes for the New Year to all! Please remember to make your resolutions SMARTER and if you are needing some help in doing that, then please consider attending Jeanne’s Workshop on the 20th & 27th January and enjoy a…

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