Its ok to Fail Temporarily

I have had an incredibly challenging week of self doubt and “what if’ing” after receiving a very positive proposal for a full time job. The job would be financially rewarding (so I could pay off the growing debt I am making due to my new business venture) but it would require a lot of travelling, disrupting my newly created life in Perth. As one friend said, I’d be going backwards… So, do I take the job and go backwards or do I stay the course and find success in every other aspect of my life? 

I believe that this is an example of Temporary Failure that @NapoleonHill talks about in his book #Think&GrowRich. If I choose to stay the course, my new business will blossom and if I do not, Failure wins!

It is Temporary until I make the decison becuase it is taking energy from Success. #PersonalDevelopment #Perth #EQ #JBcoco

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