Continuous Personal & Professional Development (CPPD)

What is Continuous Development?
Continuous Development is a methodology and framework that can be used to build individuals Personal (and subsequently Professional) core people/life/human skills.


CPPD incorporates  life experience, lessons learned through trial and error, scientific and non-scientific research and global experience with people of all ages, nationalities & education levels.

A person, or team, can start anywhere in the cycle. The most logical place to start is at Crew Resource Management & Behavioural Change (CRM & BC) Training stage.

In the CRM & BC stage we introduce you, and your team, to the concepts and skills that you will learn, and develop through hands on and practical exercises. This will enable you to build your understanding of your own Strength and Development areas (otherwise known as a GAP Analysis).

From the GAP, we create your main Goals and put them into an Action Plan. The Goals and Plan use SMART logic, (Specific, Measurable, Realistic and Time Bound criteria), so that the goals and plan are highly achievable and repeatable.

It is always a good idea to have someone to give you a boost every now and then, so a coach is highly recommended. They may also have a different view point and can help you develop your CPPD.

The final and most important step is the After Action Review (AAR). All High Performance Teams conduct these debriefs. These are constructive sessions where the good and the bad aspects of the job can be discussed and dealt with before the next job or operation. It is vital that the AAR is facilitated with respect and honesty. It is only through your own self-assessment and team members feedback, that you, and your team, can grow in performance.

And remember, Practice makes Progress!

Jeanne Boles

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