JBcoco’s Story

Jeanne Boles Consulting and Coaching (JBcoco) was founded in 2016 to help people build their social / life / non-technical skills, so that they could balance their personal and professional lives.


To integrate hands-on wellbeing learning into all levels of education, across the globe, to develop successful communities and people.


By developing workshops, tools, hands-on exercises and assessments, students can become confident well rounded adults, that can manage their personal and professional lives successfully.

Examples of Workshops

Below are some photos of various groups that I have worked with over the past 5 years, including school children and teachers, Uni Students, PHD students and workers.


With 18 years of experience in Oil and Gas operations, management and training, across the globe; working with people of diverse cultures, languages, ages and experience, I have found one thing in common:

People need good social skills to be successful in their working and personal lives; and the sooner in life you can start developing these skills, the better!

I have worked with a variety of programs:

  • Game Changer Awards – STEM Competition for WA Children
  • Women Economic Forum – Perth – Collaborating with other like minded people to focus on developing solutions for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)
  • Strive & Thrive – Positive Life Expo – Collaborating with Norita Omar to bring together local Anxiety, Depression & Suicide Prevention based businesses and those affected, to combat Anxiety, Depression & Suicide
  • Workshops on Skills such as Teamwork, Communication, Networking and Conflict Management with iPrep, a PHD research and Industry collaboration program
  • WISE’s Future Engineers program
  • Petroleum Club of WA’s Next Generation School Program
  • WITWA’s Techtrails, a STEM school incursion program, helping kids understand how to break a goal into bite size achievable tasks
  • Judge for 3 minute PHD Thesis competitions
  • Speaking at Industry events to bring awareness to the need for Social Skill development
  • Talking to students at Curtin, ECU and UWA on a variety of topics from Preventative Maintenance Mindset to how to manage stress and prepare for exams and working life after Uni!

“Stay Calm; Think Positively; Get it done!” Jeanne Boles

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